224% ROI and payback in under 3 months for Azul Zing.
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Slash your Java support costs as much as 90%!
We make it easy, safe and secure.

Azul Systems’ Zing® solves a variety of issues that have traditionally plagued Java applications. Zing rescues apps that have reached scalability limits and allows you to handle far more users and transactions on existing infrastructure. It also eliminates response time outliers due to Java garbage collection for immediate improvements in the user experience. Designed for low latency applications, Zing’s innovative ReadyNow! technology solves Java warm-up issues.

Zing is transparent to your existing applications and requires no coding changes to deploy.

Plus, you can get more productivity out of your existing hardware investment – one gaming company found that Zing enabled them to grow from 8,000 to 20,000 users per server – without tuning, and without a single application change.

1.Excellent Performance at Scale

Zing eliminates slow-downs, stalls and crashes at load. Find out how

2. Increased Revenue

Zing lowers max latency and provides a better user experience. No more missed opportunities for transactions or user clickaways due to slow response. Learn more

3. Low Maintenance

Conventional Java infrastructures have to be tuned and re-tuned every time you make a change. Zing eliminates most tuning and frees up your resources. Learn more

4. Cloud-Ready

Zing helps you move Java apps to the Cloud without coding changes. Its unique design lets your apps take advantage of Cloud elasticity, enabling business models that weren’t practical before. Find out how

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