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Viking Line

Digital Travel

Viking Line links together the countries around the northern Baltic Sea by providing sustainable and regular ferry service for everyone. Viking Line’s three basic services are cruises, passenger and cargo transport. Their unique expertise in combining these services generates customer and business benefits.

More than fifty vessels have sailed in the fleets of the Viking shipping companies since regular ferry traffic began in 1959. Over the decades, the size, service concepts and range of attractions of these vessels have undergone dramatic changes – from the humble second-hand car ferries of the early years to the impressive fleet of today.

Viking Line vessels combine the luxury and sumptuousness of cruise ships with high-capacity vehicle decks, thereby meeting the needs of cargo traffic and of tourists who wish to continue their journey by car. In chronological order, this book briefly presents these vessels, which have greatly contributed to the emergence of modern Baltic Sea ferry services.


Viking Line chose Azul’s Zing for its customer reservation portal. Following a two week pilot of Zing, Viking Line saw immediate business benefit which resulted in a quick decision to replace its existing JVM (Java Virtual Machine.)

Viking Line’s main business rationale for deploying Zing was to enhance the customer experience on its Java-based reservation portal – site wait times and downtime were deemed unacceptable during peak selling periods. Prior to the engagement with Azul, Viking Line was experiencing Java scalability issues and inconsistent response times during peak loads. Using Zing, the system is now much more stable, allowing Viking Line to support hundreds of customers, running hundreds of transactions, simultaneously and with consistent response times.

Since Zing’s installation, Viking Line has also been able to redirect previously “unproductive” developer time that was spent tuning, monitoring and testing the previously used JVM. In addition, as Zing is able to manage large amounts of data while also maintaining high allocation rates, Viking Line will be able to deliver additional value and productivity from its existing infrastructure, delaying the need for any new server/infrastructure upgrades as the business is able to work their current IT assets to the maximum.

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