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Improve Digital

Digital Advertising Europe

Company Background: Committed to increasing revenue for media owners, Improve Digital provides an innovative single-platform solution, the 360 Platform, to automate and improve the monetization of advertising and audience, across all screens, formats, and through all public and private sales channels.

The company works with over 250 of the top publishers and media owners across the globe, and through them, supports the marketing efforts of tens of thousands of advertisers.

Business Challenge: Improve Digital was experiencing Java performance and throughput issues

Solution: Azul technology was implemented as part of the Java backend to a marketing platform that handles 100’s of millions of transactions per day.

Software: Improve Digital uses Redhat Linux, WebLogic Application Server, and VMWare

Benefits: Using Azul Zing, Improve Digital is able to reduce GC outliers and remove low latencies, improving overall platform performance and throughput.

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