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Why is Zing already deployed in 8 of the top 10 investment institutions? It’s simple. Zing allows systems written in Java to deliver consistent, jitter-free execution. Without tuning, specialized coding techniques, or re-architecting.

Global capital markets have evolved beyond the so-called “race to zero” in their system architectures. Starting with equities and moving through a variety of other asset classes (FX being a primary domain of interest) high-performance and low-latency systems are evolving into two directions:

  • Predictable performance and low latencies remain important, though less as a competitive edge than simply to keep up with other market participants
  • More complex algorithms, requiring larger amounts of near-real-time data, have moved to the fore.

Capital markets value speed, as well as predictable performance, but winning execution requires better software, better strategies, and access to large amounts of data. Even post-trade systems used for regulatory compliance and risk management require huge datasets and near real-time response.

Azul Zing® has established a new performance standard for Java-based systems. Only Zing meets or exceeds requirements for trading and other Big Data applications. Zing unlocks the power of Java performance and takes it to a new level, delivering certainty of behavior even under unpredictable loads.

Zing improves revenue and profitability for capital markets applications by eliminating latency outliers, improving time to market for new algorithms, and freeing up key technical resources for innovation and removing tail risk.

Zing is The New Java Standard for Capital Markets

  • Meets or exceeds requirements for low-latency and Big Data-driven systems
  • Guaranteed throughput, without latency spikes
  • Predictable performance across the entire trading day
  • PontusVision benchmark: FX pricing system
  • Zing also powers Java-based infrastructure software, supporting huge deployments of Cassandra, Elastic, Kafka, Hadoop, Spark and many other open source technologies that benefit from a better JVM.

Zing is ideal for Machine-to-Machine (µsec-level) Low Latency Systems

  • Proven to deliver consistent latency in the 10s of microseconds
  • C4 collector technology eliminates garbage collection as a factor (link to C4 white paper)
  • Requires no special coding practices or changes to existing application code
  • Reduces tuning to very few parameters
  • Speeds time-to-market for new algorithms and applications
  • Frees developer time for innovation

Consistent Low Latency

Take Advantage of Opportunities as they happen

  • Zing ensures certainty of execution
  • No stall/jitter tail risk
  • Process more market data, faster
  • Improve time to market through reduced tuning

LMAX Case Study / Pontus Vision Benchmark / Push Technology Benchmark

Zing Capital Markets Solution Brief

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