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Both Zing and Zulu are deployed in public, private and hybrid Clouds. Many Azul customers take full advantage of the flexibility of Cloud-based solutions to build, test and run business-critical Java applications on Zing or Zulu.

The following is a list of some of the most important resources to review when planning a Zing or Zulu-based Cloud deployment.

Start with the Azul Zing Cloud Solution Brief

Azul and Microsoft team to provide fully-supported Zulu builds of OpenJDK on Azure and Azure Stack

On-demand Webinar: Zing, Kubernetes, and Microservices — Simon Ritter, Azul Deputy CTO

Using Zing on the Amazon Cloud

Using Zing with Docker

Azul Zulu Deployed at Microsoft for Key Cloud Services

Azul Zing on Red Hat Amazon Web Services (Press Release)

Azul Zing AMIs on Amazon (RHEL, Ubuntu, Amazon, Linux, SLES)

Azul Zulu on the Canonical Juju Charm Store

Azul’s sponsorship of Cloud Foundry Foundation (Press Release)

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