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Azul can save your day. Learn How!

Many Big Data applications, NoSQL databases (such as Cassandra and HBase) and technology components are written in and depend on Java. Java has inherent limitations that can prevent enterprises from optimizing performance and utilizing large in-memory datasets.

Azul Zing® is a high performance Java platform that is essential technology for Big Data. Zing lowers average latency by up to 70% and allows in-memory datasets beyond 8 TB without performance penalty. For more, read the test results for JBoss® Data Grid on Zing and Java HotSpot™.

Zing improves business results through better, more timely decision making and predictable, real-time response for Big Data and analytics applications.


Massive In-memory Datasets, Without Pauses

No More Jitter

Get to Market Faster

  • Minimal tuning needed
  • Works great out of the box
  • Reduces tuning to one parameter (-Xmx)

Open up New Business Opportunities

  • That weren’t practical before
  • Free up development time
  • Focus on innovation and new capabilities instead of juggling performance issues

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