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Saks Fifth Avenue Success

Long-term Azul customer Saks Fifth Avenue has built their business and reputation on Azul’s pauseless Java technology

It all started with a pilot project

The Saks online team quickly discovered that customer demand was surging far beyond their plans – and their systems couldn’t keep up

Saks Fifth Avenue Success

Azul’s optimized JVM technology provides a unique solution that enables applications to achieve orders of magnitude improvements in scalability and throughput with consistent response times, regardless of load.  This breakthrough scalability is achieved with unique capabilities such as Pauseless Garbage Collection, which eliminates the impact of Java’s garbage collection-related application pauses.

Azul’s scalability also enables Saks to contain datacenter costs while ensuring quality customer experiences, especially during unpredictable peak loading such as seasonal periods, a common concern for online retailers. In today’s online world, demand surges can turn almost any day into another Black Friday.

“Azul’s unique approach to scalability is unmatched. With Azul we saw tremendous improvements in performance and response time consistency.”

Ron Cavallo
Director of Infrastructure
Saks Fifth Avenue

Better scalability with Azul

Saks achieved immediate benefits. First, Azul enabled Saks to greatly reduce their number of JVM instances — with better performance. End user response time improved by an average of 66%. In addition, unpredictable performance was completely eliminated.

Azul allowed Saks to meet its goals for an outstanding user experience regardless of load and a greatly simplified deployment. With Azul, Saks is supporting continued growth of their online channel while consistently providing their legendary service levels.

Consistent response

Consistent response

In fact, average response time improved by 66% after deploying Azul

Improved scalability

Improved scalability

Saks was able to reduce the number of Java instances – simplifying the operation of their infrastructure

Stellar user experience

Stellar user experience

Online retail faces demanding users who can easily churn away. Saks service levels are unsurpassed

Azul Offers Simplicity and Predictable Response Times

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