Free Java 8 security updates from Oracle ended in January.

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4 Reasons Why Java is Still #1

It’s the start of 2016, which means that we’ve now finished the “20 Years of Java” celebrations. Actually, although the announcement about Java (and the HotJava browser, which did not enjoy quite the same success) was made publicly on May 23rd, 1995, the first official release of the JDK was on January 23rd, 1996. You…

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Latest Zing Shortens Java Warm Up Cycles for Trading Apps

Real-time analytics, Big Data, and Ecommerce applications all gain from updated Java Runtime The latest release of Zing, version 15.05, includes ReadyNow!™ enhancements which reflect customer feedback, product-wide support of 1TB heap sizes and a broad array of performance fixes focusing on quality, performance and scalability. ReadyNow™ delivers improved startup performance Key ReadyNow! enhancements in…

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Azul Systems Joins Sponsors of Digital Travel Summit 2015

Azul will be participating in this year’s Digital Travel Summit, Europe’s most senior level e-commerce event for the travel industry. The summit, which will take place in London (Hilton, London Tower Bridge) from 9am on June 17 – 18, will bring together over 150 senior decision-makers from the travel sector to discuss best practices and…

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JVM Performance Center

These Zing and HotSpot benchmarks use equivalent versions of Java SE 8 (unless noted otherwise). In every case, physical servers, cloud instances, available memory, and core counts were the same, using identical x86-64 server processors with identical clock rates. Here you will find charts highlighting peak latency and throughput for given service levels across workloads...

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Azul Zing’s ReadyNow! is an ABA Awards Finalist!

Azul’s ReadyNow!™ technology has been selected by the American Business Awards (ABA) committee as a finalist in the products and services category for financial services. The ABAs, known as Stevies®, are the premier business awards program in the US. It was started in 2002, and each year Stevies are presented to business organizations and individuals…

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What determines Java performance?

At the No Fluff Just Stuff (NFJS) San Diego Software Symposium this weekend, Azul VM Engineer Douglas Hawkins answers this question. He is presenting 5 sessions, covering everything from concurrency issues and Java garbage collection to how the compiler makes decisions on how to optimize and de-optimize your code and even how to measure performance….

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Troubleshoot Application Bottlenecks with Simple JVM Monitoring Tools

Developers can spend a lot of time and energy trying to find performance bottlenecks and hotspots that prevent applications from scaling well when deployed in production. Many commercial JVM monitoring tools are available that help with diagnosis but they can also introduce monitoring overhead. When using commercial tools in production, developers often turn off certain…

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