Ready to reach full speed before any traffic hits your cloud instances?

To offset cloud costs without sacrificing performance, companies are standardizing on using an enhanced Java runtime.  A Java runtime that gets to full speed as quickly as possible, allowing you to take full advantage of cloud elasticity to bring down your cloud costs.


Inside the Webinar

You will learn the benefits saving and reusing your optimization profiles from run to run, allowing your teams to optimize for a fast start and consistent performance through the life of your Java program.  We’ll share common use cases, including:

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John Ceccarelli, Senior Director of Product Management, Azul

Faster Java Warm-up Performance Increases Cloud Elasticity

  • How MEMX delivered 80x more performant response times with microsecond performance
  • Where Mastercard accelerated fraud detection in microseconds at high volumes
  • How BIDS 50% less infrastructure used for electronic trading

Tune in to see how to reach full speed execution before any traffic hits your cloud instances – and how you can now update your large JVM fleet configurations, all while avoiding disruptions and glitches caused by adding new instances.

Learning Objectives:

  • Faster high-performance trading and warm-up at market open
  • Lower operational burden for Java workloads in containerized, cloud-native environments
  • More elasticity with intelligent Java fleet warm-up to lower cloud bills