• Date: June 1st, 10:00AM Pacific
  • Duration: 60 minutes

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Calling all Java superheroes! In the 3-part OpenJDK Migration for Dummies Webinar Series, we simplify the process of why and how to migrate from Oracle JDK to OpenJDK. Gear up for an epic adventure with Azul Deputy CTO Simon Ritter and special guests Gerrit Grunwald, Joao Gonzalez, and Jay Patel as they provide you with the tools, best practices, and techniques for a smooth and easy transition. 

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John Abbott, Co-Founder & Distinguished Analyst at 451 Research

Azul delivers massive scale & performance to

Simon Ritter, Deputy CTO and Java Champion, Azul

Jay Patel, Sr. Sales Engineer, Azul

Gerrit Grunwald, Sr. Developer Advocate and Java Champion, Azul 

Joao Gonzalez, Solutions Architect and Migration Lead, Azul

Part 1: OpenJDK Migration: What Happens When I Don't Migrate 

In this webinar, Simon Ritter and Gerrit Grunwald answer a question that they are hearing repeatedly“If I decide to stay with Oracle Java (rather than migrate to an OpenJDK distribution) what issues will I face?  

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Part 2: Tools and Techniques for a Faster Migration 

Simon Ritter and Joao Gonzalez, Solutions Architect and JDK Migration Lead, talk about how to migrate faster. They review Azul’s migration methodology and walk through the elements of migration plan. Learn a proven process and avoid the roadblocks and detours that can waylay the unprepared.  

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Part 3: OpenJDK Migration Stories: From Dismay to Delight  

OpenJDK migration can be seamless and straightforward. But a fast and easy migration is not guaranteed. In the final chapter, Simon Ritter, Joao Gonzalez, and Jay Patel, Systems Engineer at Azul review migration war stories — the experiences of real-world customers who overcame setbacks and complications to migrate untold numbers of desktops and servers.    

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OpenJDK Migration for Dummies Webinar Series