Azul Enhances ReadyNow with ReadyNow Orchestrator to Solve Java’s Warmup Problem, Simplify Operations, and Optimize Cloud Costs


BrixBits creates innovative solutions that provide detailed insight to find and fix security problems fast. BrixBits solutions exhibit both quick time to value (TTV) and low total cost of ownership (TCO) and can easily integrate into existing security information and event management (“SIEM”), applications event management or systems management frameworks such as Splunk, Nagios, Zenoss or any JMX console.

BrixBits Security Analyzer is a comprehensive application security monitoring solution for Java runtimes that detects and notifies on security and system exceptions, detects major application vulnerabilities such as cross site scripting, SQL injection, broken authentication and application configuration. Security Analyzer delivers the critical information needed to thwart a potential attack as it’s happening.

Azul Zing is certified with the BrixBits Security Analyzer to provide the best Java platform for “secure performance” in web stack and e-commerce applications.

Azul Core is certified with the BrixBits Security Analyzer for other general purpose workloads where security matters.