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Informatica Ultra Messaging is a family of next-generation, low-latency messaging middleware products. With very high throughput and 24×7 reliability, they deliver extremely low-latency application messaging over both network-based and shared-memory (inter-process) based transports.

These products provide the fastest messaging on the market, with sub-100 nanosecond latency using the new shared memory acceleration (SMX) transport. With these low latency messaging products, your application development organization can dramatically improve messaging system resilience and performance, reduce IT infrastructure costs, and develop trading applications increase profitability and competitive advantage.

Zing® is a certified JVM supporting Ultra Messaging Java APIs with the lowest latency, most consistent Java runtime on the market.

Informatica is also a Zulu OEM.

"The ability to support ultra-low-latency messaging requires testing and optimization across the entire runtime stack. Azul’s partner programs provide our team access to technology and resources to ensure our customers can deploy new functionality rapidly and know that it will perform consistently."

Todd L. Montgomery, Vice president, Architecture, Messaging Business, Informatica