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Azul Zulu Embedded is tested with the KEO GmbH implementation of the EEBUS standard

KEO GmbH is focused on developing EEBUS software and providing related support services. KEO experts have participated in the development of EEBUS from the very first hour and have been a driving force in making it the leading standard for energy in the global IoT. This outstanding experience and know-how makes KEO the market leader in the field of EEBUS implementations and the corresponding software stacks. For more information, please visit
Azul and KEO have successfully tested the Azul Zulu Embedded JVM with the KEO SPINE Framework in Java. We have jointly confirmed that performance and behaviour of Azul Zulu is identical to other Java implementations and that the KEO SPINE Framework complies fully to Java security and deployment best practices. The KEO Framework provides thus a universally applicable and state of the art EEBUS implementation in Java. Verified interoperability of Azul Zulu Embedded JVM and the KEO SPINE Framework enables both parties to jointly address customer requirements more efficiently and effectively.
EEBUS is a standard enabling technology- and manufacturer-independent interoperability of energy-relevant devices within the Smart Home. Devices supporting the EEBUS data model SPINE can automatically exchange information necessary for the energy management tasks they jointly implement. E.g. a home energy management system communicates with a charging station and electric vehicle to curtail charging current to avoid tripping a fuse on the supply side infrastructure. The constantly growing cross-domain standard covers currently such Smart Home areas as HVAC, renewables, energy storage, e-Mobility, appliances and lightning.
KEO has implemented the EEBUS SPINE and SHIP specifications as pure Java libraries depending only on the Java SE 8 Compact Profile 3 and export grade (128bit) security libraries. All dependencies and libraries fit in <=2MB on disk allowing support in compact home gateways and control units.
Interoperability has been tested between test devices running the SPINE data models and the SHIP protocol with Azul Zulu on both sides of the communication as well as Azul Zulu Embedded successfully communicating with devices running a KEO C++ implementation of EEBUS or other Java Virtual Machines.