Azul Enhances ReadyNow with ReadyNow Orchestrator to Solve Java’s Warmup Problem, Simplify Operations, and Optimize Cloud Costs


Linxa is an innovative software company that provides interconnect business optimization solutions to telecom carriers and operators. We enable telecom companies to manage every aspect of their wholesale business through a single interface. Linxa’s algorithms process call data, calculate key performance indicators, figure out call rating, margins, traffic abnormalities in near real time to figure out better traffic distribution scenarios. As such, Linxa Connect software requires heaps up to 256 GBs (or larger) with max response time outliers never exceeding 25 milliseconds.

Linxa OEMs Azul Zing® for their Linxa Connect product. Zing is the only JVM able to consistently deliver max pause times under 25 milliseconds.

“We ran Zing in a customer pilot and were very impressed by Zing’s ability to eliminate application pauses and max response time outliers. Moving forward, we have great confidence that Azul’s technology will enable us to innovate and bring new solutions to market.”

Asim Alp, Co-Founder, Linxa