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Azul reduces the infrastructure costs
of Cassandra and big data technologies.
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Ensure Cassandra is always-on,
scalable, real-time.

Azul is proven in Cassandra deployments ranging from just a few nodes to thousands of server instances,
reducing infrastructure costs for e-Commerce apps, personalization platforms, payment processing,
fraud detection systems, and all types of Cassandra-based use cases.

Reduce infrastructure overhead.

Proven to reduce Cassandra infrastructure overhead up to 50%, sometimes more.

Increase carrying capacity.

No pauses at increased levels of throughput. More operations (reads/writes) per second leading to increased numbers of tables processed.

Reduce memory bottlenecks.

No more 1TB-memory limits, meaning fewer cluster instances required.

We use Apache Cassandra, which recommends nodes with only a Terabyte of data but we’re pushing nodes with 10TBs of data densities and we’re still achieving the performance we need.
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Cassandra at Taboola. Powered by Azul

“This translates into millions of dollars in savings, both hardware we freed up and hosting costs avoided. The ROI of the project is just self-evident.”

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An elastic Java runtime optimized for Cassandra.

Out of the box, Azul reduces peak disruptions to a few milliseconds. You will immediately see better performance and responsiveness for your Cassandra-based applications.

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Real-time, machine learning-based fraud detection.

“With Feedzai, Azul powers the largest banks in the world with peak load demands of up to 50,000 transactions per second,” says Nuno Sebastiao, Chief Executive Officer of Feedzai.


See the Customer Profile

Consistent performance equals
massive infrastructure savings.

Azul Platform Prime JVM runtimes allow Cassandra to run smoothly, free of Java-related performance glitches and hangs, and save on infrastructure costs.


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Azul powers
the modern cloud enterprise.

Today’s—and tomorrow’s—Java-based businesses run on Azul
to optimize both performance and cost.

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