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The best Java runtime for search.

Maximize performance and throughput with industry-leading technologies.
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Faster searches.
Better results.

Our experts have years of experience connecting Java-based query, search, and analytics tools that drive better results at lower cost.

  • Optimize performance

    Get more from your Elastic, Lucene, and Solr workloads with expert-built tools.

  • Get consistent response times

    Maintain reliable performance under loads of any size with pauseless operation.

  • Deliver faster results

    Accelerate performance with in-memory indexing, up to 8TB in-memory storage, and 2x max throughput.

Without [Azul Prime] we would not have been able to deploy Apache Solr for our production system. Our customers could have experienced long pauses when searching for critical documents.
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Azul powers the modern cloud enterprise

From payment processing to digital marketing to predictive analytics—Azul enables today’s business-critical capabilities, for less.

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