Want to learn more about how to build and deploy memory-based webscale Java applications?

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Webinar Highlights:

  • Recent performance benchmarks from Hazelcast and Azul Systems
  • The advantages a better Java runtime brings to existing Hazelcast deployments
  • Real-world in-memory computing use cases
  • Live Q&A

Azul, Hazelcast and 451 Research will be participating in a webinar entitled “Most Powerful Java Runtime Meets Fastest In-Memory Data Grid” on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 at 10.00 PST/13.00 EST. To register for the webinar click here.

The 40 minute webinar (+20 minutes Q&A) will focus on the advantages of combining Azul and Hazelcast technologies. Azul’s CTO, Gil Tene, will be joined by Hazelcast’s Developer Relations Manager, Chris Engelbert and 451’s Jason Stamper to outline how Azul Zing® combined with Hazelcast 3.6 delivers compelling benefits to the enterprise.

Aside from helping IT and DevOps teams leverage existing Java tools, technology and skillsets, Azul and Hazelcast greatly extend the operational lifetime and capacity of existing memory-intensive applications. In one recent example, a system that was constrained by a legacy JVM could only support 40,000 line items, but was extended to support 1,500,000 in-memory catalogue entries simply by deploying Zing — with no change to the application – while greatly improving the end-user experience and driving incremental sales within the same infrastructure.

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