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7 Reasons to Switch from Oracle to Azul

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with Simon Ritter, a Java Champion and twice awarded Java Rockstar status at JavaOne

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Azul Platform Core is the leading alternative to Oracle JDK. With top-tier security and support, simple licensing, and a seamless migration process, there’s no shortage of benefits to take advantage of when you make the switch to Azul.  

Check out our webinar where we show you 7 compelling reasons to switch from Oracle to Azul

  • Top-tier Java Security - Learn about our unique security-only updates and how we ensure your Java applications remain secure and compliant.  
  • Industry-leading Java Support - Find out about our top-notch support team with the second biggest Java engineering team in the industry.
  • Easy Licensing Policies - Learn how you can enjoy simple, cost-effective licensing when you switch to Azul. 
  • Painless Migration - See how Azul Platform Core works as a drop-in replacement for Oracle JDK.

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