Avoid AOT, Justify JIT: Java Compilation in the Cloud


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Ahead-of-Time (AOT) native compilation provided by GraalVM is praised for faster start-up times. But it may not be your best solution.

Azul CEO Scott Sellers has warned, "AOT Compilation does improve startup time, but it comes with costs."

This echoes Payara CEO Steve Millidge, who has claimed that AOT is unlikely to deliver a significant economic or technical advantage.

With AOT you lose out on dynamic compilation decisions: the ability for the compiler to make optimisations within the JVM. Adopting AOT may also drain your developer resource - for example, through having to rewrite applications in a non-Jakarta-EE framework, or in adjustments made because the Graal compiler is not fully Java compatible.

In this webinar, Azul's Simon Ritter and Payara's Steve Millidge discuss AOT vs. JIT Compilation and how this applies in your modern cloud native or hybrid environments.

It's undeniable that AOT improve start-up times, but there are ways to achieve a faster start-up without the costs. These include using a small and fast runtime like Payara Micro, and Azul's new Cloud Native Compiler.

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Simon Ritter, a Java Champion and two time recipient of the JavaOne Rockstar award. He represents Azul on the JCP Executive Committee, the OpenJDK Vulnerability Group, and the JSR Expert Group since Java SE 9.

Steve Millidge, the founder, CEO and technical director of Payara Services. He is an expert in Java EE, Jakarta EE and MicroProfile, and a Project Lead for the Eclipse Foundation GlassFish and the Jakarta EE platforms.

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