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  • Date:  September 22, 2021
  • Time:  11am PST


On-Demand Webinar

JDK 17: Long Term Support and Great New Features

with Simon Ritter, a Java Champion and twice awarded Java Rockstar status at JavaOne

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Join us Wednesday, July 28 at 11.00AM Pacific

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In This Webinar

With the release of JDK 17, we now have a new long-term support (LTS) version of the Java platform, ready to deploy in production.
In this webinar, Simon examines how the Java platform has changed, both in this release and since the last LTS, JDK 11.
For JDK 17, we look at the new language syntax of pattern matching for switch and the revised Foreign Function and Memory API.
Reviewing language changes since JDK 11, we cover pattern matching for instanceof, sealed classes, records and switch expressions.  There are also details of new library functionality like the Vector API. Finally, things that might impact backwards compatibility for existing applications is addressed.

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