• Date:  Wednesday, October 12, 2022
  • Time:  10:00am Pacific | 1300 SGT
  • Duration:  30 minutes

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Left High and Dry With No Oracle Java Support? 
Explore Licensing & Upgrading Options


Join us Wednesday, July 28 at 11.00AM Pacific

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In This Webinar

Simon and John discuss the evolution of Java, how it is licensed today and what options and alternatives are available to customers, now and in the future. 

Many companies running Java as a platform for their enterprise applications are still on very old versions, with some 15% of developers still using JDK 7, released over a decade ago. 

Support for Java 7 from Oracle ended in July 2022, leaving customers with choices to make. What are their options? What are the risks of remaining unsupported? How readily can organizations transition to OpenJDK?

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