Happier Users, Faster Transactions – 
Performance Engineering with Optimized Java Runtime


Join us Wednesday, July 28 at 11.00AM Pacific

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In this webcast:

Many companies are looking to invest in a better customer experience, faster execution, and lower operating and infrastructure costs for a healthier balance sheet – with a cloud-first mindset.

For architects and performance engineers looking to improve the speed for demanding applications – tune in to discover how using hyper-optimized Java runtimes improve performance and scale with no code changes and less tuning.  

Azul partners and industry experts Peter Lawrey, CEO of Chronicle Software and Gary Crook, CEO of Heirloom Computing will walk you through use cases of how they have built mission-critical applications and data architectures to decrease performance-related issues.

What you'll learn:

  1. How to strengthen your team’s performance engineering capabilities for cloud-native workloads 
  2. Insight into how an optimized Java Virtual Machine (JVM) will decrease performance-related issues 
  3. Practical ways to improve the quality of customer experiences and application performance by up to 152%

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