The Java world is entering a new season.

And for many organizations, it may be worse than Winter.

For nearly 10 years, Oracle has done a superb job producing free security updates for Java every 90 days, just like clockwork. Oracle provided free security patches along with select new features and bugfixes every January, April, July, and October for the current viable production versions of Oracle Java. As new, young versions of Java were introduced, previous production versions were still updated with significant overlap, facilitating a smooth transition from one Java version to the next.

However, in September of 2017 Oracle announced a change in their release cadence, along with new licensing and support options for Java. The full impact of these changes is now taking effect.

This April, we are entering a new era. For the first time in history, a Java security update will be released by Oracle without providing free updates for any current production version. Oracle will no longer provide free security updates for Java 8 — the most widely-deployed, stable, and production-ready version available, or for Java 11. The only free security updates Oracle will provide going forward will be for Java 12, Java 13, etc.

Obviously, Azul customers and partners are fully covered, with guaranteed timely security updates for all supported Java versions.

Is your organization ready for Winter?

If you would like to be certain, we invite you to see how Zulu Enterprise can help.


Here’s what Zulu Enterprise provides:

  • Quarterly platform updates — combining recent security updates with new features and bug fixes added during the previous quarter.
  • Quarterly security-only updates — fit for low-risk, rapid production deployment if and when urgent or severe security issues arise.
  • A wide variety of packaging and delivery options tailored to the needs of your development and operations teams.
  • Timely delivery SLAs for updates and patches.
  • 100% open source builds that are fully tested and certified using the OpenJDK TCK verification suite plus Azul’s own QA processes.
  • Java Support pricing that is far lower than Oracle — our pricing page is easy to find and easy to understand.

If you would like to review your Java security and support options before the dragons take wing, we’re ready to help! Start with the form on this page and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

PS: Looking for more background information? You can learn more about Oracle’s latest plans for Java SE here and here.


Team Azul

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