Benefits for your IT and DevOps teams

Choose Java 11, 8, or 7

Zing drops in like any other JDK. No changes needed to your Java code, JARs, frameworks, or programming style.

Supports all major Linux distros

Choose Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SLES, Ubuntu, Debian, Amazon Linux, Oracle Linux, CoreOS, Red Hat MRG or CentOS.

Pauseless operation

Fast allocations without Java garbage collection issues, plus up to 8TB live Java heap per JVM instance if needed.

Fits your Production Environment

Zing runs on modern X86 servers, VMware or KVM, AWS, Azure or Google Clouds, plus Docker and LXC containers. Works with standard monitoring tools.

Improve application metrics

Zing eliminates GC and application timeout issues immediately. No need to keep tuning your JVM. Solve Java warm-up problems with ReadyNow.

Excellent support

24×7 Support team is tightly integrated with Azul Engineering, driving faster problem resolution and timely security updates.

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