Organizations that have developed a strategy for using applications in the cloud are right-sizing cloud resources to lower cloud costs. Those without a strategy are talking about repatriating resources and giving up the speed, scalability, and resources the cloud provides. 

In a survey of 50 large enterprises that use Java in the cloud, results show that organizations accept their high cloud bills. And while they talk about repatriating their applications back to on-premise environments, they aren't doing it because of the disruption it would cause to the business.

100% of cloud-native organizations say right-sizing resources is critical for cutting cloud costs, while 0% of organizations that say they are repatriating resources agree.

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The False Conflict Between Cost and Performance in Corporate America’s Rush to the Cloud

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"Published and publicly available APIs are the 'tip of the iceberg': They represent a minority (sometimes as little as 15%) of the APIs produced by an organization. Most of the API attack surface consists of APIs used by web and mobile applications, API-to-API traffic (such as microservice traffic), and APIs exposed to employees or partners."

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