Latest news: Pontus Networks Releases Zing Edition of Thread Manager

The Zing edition of Thread Manager is a game changer for FX traders -- increasing price predictability and improving messaging and workflow performance while keeping arbitrage risk at bay

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Azul builds Java runtime products that deliver better business performance across industries and use cases.

Zing®: A Better JVM

Ideal for ecommerce, Big Data, low latency or enterprise search applications, Zing delivers pauseless, predictable Java performance.

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Zulu®: 100% OpenJDKTM

Download and use Zulu® for free with available world-class Azul Support. Zulu® is a certified, multiplatform build of OpenJDK for Windows, Linux and OS X.

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Zulu® Embedded

Need to run Java in a custom form factor, without hassles? Zulu® Embedded is a 100% open source build of OpenJDK for embedded systems and the IoT.

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Zing powers global-scale business

Travel powerhouse Priceline keeps its edge by using an in-memory cache of hotel rooms and prices. Priceline delights its customers with a Zing-powered Java infrastructure that pauselessly manages billions of rapidly-changing room rates.

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Download Zulu® free from Azul, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Docker, and Canonical’s Juju Charm Store

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Zulu® Embedded

Need a friction-free customized Java platform for Embedded and IoT? Choose Zulu® Embedded.

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