Increase heap size, reduce pauses, save costs.
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Improve web server responsiveness
with less infrastructure.

When using Tomcat web server, the Azul Platform drives consistency, efficiency and resilience,
combining greater web responsiveness with cost savings across your stack.

Reduce pauses.

We love when our customers tell us they reduced worst-case pauses by 10x.

Larger live-sets.

Use larger heaps with Azul Platform Prime, and improve Tomcat reliability and resilience.

Better web apps.

With Prime-enabled Tomcat resilience and consistency, you improve web and service responsiveness everywhere while reducing infrastructure costs.

Workday switched to Azul. Learn why.

Azul Platform Prime helped Workday reduce operational tickets by over 95%, reduce total pause time per JVM from 40,000 seconds per week to 14 seconds per week, and eliminate at least 42,000 person-hours over 1.5 years that would have been spent on performance tuning.

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Tomcat Support Guide

Getting started with Tomcat? Check out Holger’s support guide.

Apache Tomcat Guidance

Handle volatility with ease.

Learn from Java expert Simon Ritter how Azul improves application system capacity and performance, specifically memory utilization, code performance, and speed of application warmup, even during rapidly changing levels of demand.

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224% ROI for Azul Platform Prime.

Forrester Consulting conducted a Total Economic Impact™ study to evaluate the return on investment of Azul Platform Prime based on the actual experience of several customers. The results: Over $2 million saved in three years.

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Azul powers the modern cloud enterprise

From payment processing to digital marketing to predictive analytics—Azul enables today’s business-critical capabilities, for less.

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