Announcing Azul Vulnerability Detection - a revolutionary new product that addresses critical security gaps in your software supply chain


Embedded Java for routers, switches, ATMs, POS, RFID, in-dash devices, and other IoT components.


Reduce your Java costs as much as 90%

Switch to Azul and pay substantially less—at least 30% less and as much as 90% less. Why pay more?


Get the industry’s best embedded OpenJDK support

“Azul’s fast, responsive support ensured embedded JRE performance was more than a match for Oracle’s,” says Leo Lima, Chief Architect for TechStone.


Easy migration to Arm CPUs, Raspberry Pi and more

“Our migration and upgrade to Zulu builds of Java 11 was performed quickly and efficiently with no interruption of service,” says Jakob Schneider, Team Leader, Software Applications at Zumtobel / Tridonic.

“With Azul, we gain deep experience in the embedded sector, IP protection for our application code, simple and affordable pricing plans, and the flexibility of a 100% open source platform backed by Azul’s superb support.”

Guilherme Spina, CEO

Azul powers the modern cloud enterprise.

Azul delivers the turbocharged performance you need to handle the scale of Java-based big data while actually reducing your infrastructure requirements.