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The Azul Platform is key to every forward-thinking
Java software development strategy.
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Lower costs +
better support.

By embracing open-source Java from Azul, identity software specialist Curity gets “peace of mind” so they can focus on business-impacting activities.  

  • Software & tech firms reduce costs and get great support

    At Azul, we’re proud of our 100% customer satisfaction rating. As Chief Architect Bernd Eckenfels of says, “Great service. Flat rate. Flexible. Easily reachable and responsive. That’s Azul!”

  • ISVs: Protect your IP

    Azul’s license verification processes ensure your Java code is never contaminated by GPL or any other licenses that could restrict the use or distribution of your code.

  • SaaS firms: Reduce infrastructure costs, improve SLAs

    Infrastructures savings for customers of Azul Platform Prime range up to 50% with no Java code changes. Eliminate the need for additional servers or cloud instances while at the same time improving performance to beat SLAs.

  • Technology specialists & integrators

    Java for Technology firms: Azul has your back with Java expertise and a passion to help solve your problems, issues, and challenges.

At V2COM I became a happy customer and passionate supporter of Azul when we switched from Oracle Java SE to Azul Platform Core and greatly reduced our Java TCO. It’s a simple, straightforward process.
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“Peace of mind.”

The Curity Identity Server is an OAuth and OpenID Connect server, used to secure millions of users’ access to web and mobile apps, powered by Azul Platform Core. “Azul gives us peace of mind,” says Travis Spencer, CEO for Curity.

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OpenJDK for Apple Macs

As Apple transitions Mac CPUs from Intel x86-64 processors to Apple-designed chips that use the ARM64 architecture, Azul is delivering tested and certified OpenJDK builds to provide developers and users of these new Macs with native Java support for current and popular Java versions. 

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Software & Tech Customer Success.

Discover how organizations use Azul Platform to create competitive advantage in rapidly changing software and tech markets. 

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ISVs: Protect your IP.

With reference to a recent disruptive example in Ruby on Rails, read why the Classpath Exception is so important, and how Azul’s license verification processes ensure your Java code is never contaminated by GPL or any other licenses. 

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How Workday reduced operational tickets while supporting rapid growth.

Hear how Workday’s cloud environment and SaaS infrastructure evolved over a 3-year period and get the details of Workday’s multi-tenant Java journey.

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Azul powers
the modern cloud enterprise.

Azul was built out of a passion and belief that Java is key to unlocking business potential—now and in the future. Today, we’re devoted to giving Java new relevance by engaging and expanding an active, global community with the tools, insights, and innovation to bring more Java to the world.

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