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Azul Channel Partners

Azul’s global network of resellers, distributors, and referral partners leverage our experienced enterprise sales and system engineering resources in a true win-win business partnership.

Join with Azul to address the growing Java market.

We work with all kinds of partners—big, small, specialists in certain industries, and generalists with a global presence. Our international partner network connects to enterprise customers across all regions.


Promote Together

While conducting activities together to help spread the word, we always look for input from our partners’ local market experience.


Consult Together

Your clients see you as a trusted advisor. With Azul, your customers have access to expertise and guidance from the strongest independent team, 100% focused on Java and the JVM.


Close Together

Azul’s field sales team members act as your “player/coach”, enabling you to leverage a successful sales and technical team that has hundreds of customers in all regions and markets.

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Reseller Partners

Reseller partners align with Azul’s values and principles and desires to profit commercially from a partnership with Azul. The Reseller partner identifies, registers opportunities, and pursues those opportunities to closure with assistance from Azul’s field sales team.

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Referral Partners

Referral partners align with Azul’s values and principles and provide consultative services for clients regarding their Java and SLM/ITAM environment. The Referral partner identifies prospects that have a need for Azul’s Java offerings and refers that opportunity to Azul’s sales team. Once closed, the Referral Partner receives an attractive commission on closed deals.

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ISV and Technology Partners

Through the Azul Embedded Program, partners gain easy access to the Azul Platform and our flexible licensing and support models that make it easy and safe for you to incorporate Azul runtimes into your physical and virtual software solutions.

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Migration Partners

The main revenue source for migration partners is professional services for end customers. Migration partners have aligned with Azul’s Migration Program offerings and guidelines, strategies, and procedures. Migration projects may also evolve into more complex modernization projects, leveraging Azul’s Java offerings.

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“EKEY IT is pleased to have entered into a strategic partnership with Azul. Azul’s leadership in the Java space and strong value proposition combined with EKEY IT’s vast partner network will drive new and unique opportunities for companies across Latin America to maximize their investments in Java while significantly reducing their costs.”
Hernan Calderale, CEO, Ekey IT

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