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Azul unlocks more from the Java you love.
More support. More performance. More value.
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So much more. For 90% less.

More builds, more versions, more platforms, more support, more success.

Azul Platform Core (formerly Azul Zulu Enterprise) is Java-certified TCK-tested to meet the same standards as Oracle Java SE, but with far better support and much lower costs.

A Forrester study found that customers are achieving 224% ROI over three years with Azul Platform Prime (formerly Azul Zing) by achieving much better performance with much less infrastructure.

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  • Best support in the industry

    Our team of Support Engineers provides expert problem resolution 24/7, strict support SLAs, and a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

  • Enterprise-grade security

    With Azul, you get both security-only patches for rapid deployment and full quarterly updates combining bug fixes, new features, and security patches within one hour of release from Oracle.

  • Easy, risk-free migration

    Azul Platform Core is a drop-in replacement for Oracle Java SE, so switching is fast and straightforward.

Do you want more Java?

Are you ready to explore how the Azul Platform can turbocharge your Java estate, reduce your Java licensing costs, keep development on track with the industry’s best Support team, and maximize infrastructure leverage? We’re ready to help.
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