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Azul Zing® Saves Enterprises $2M Over 3 Years.

  • Reduce your Java TCO as much as 90%.

    Azul guarantees a minimum of 25% savings. Typical savings are in the range of 50-90%. Big Java implementations save millions. “Oracle is significantly more expensive than Zulu, which helps Zulu win customers for sure.” – Chief Strategy Officer

  • Get the industry’s best support.

    Azul has a dedicated Java-focused support team of engineers (all we do is JDKs) that are expert in application triage, root cause analysis, temporary or out-of-cycle patches, and security fixes. We take great pride in our responsiveness – 24/7 we’re there when you need us within minutes or hours compared to days for Oracle. We have 100% customer satisfaction – it’s true!

  • Migrate risk-free to open source with a guaranteed drop-in replacement for Oracle.

    Azul’s Java platform products are engineered to be fully compatible with Oracle Java SE. We conform to the same standards, verify with the same TCK test suite, and even make the same fonts Oracle uses available – free. #SwitchtoAzul and delight your Operations and Finance teams as well as your developers and engineers.

  • Enjoy our straightforward, easy, flexible licensing policies.

    Azul is about customer success first and foremost. “I would recommend Azul OpenJDK to anyone who wants to get started or switch from Oracle. I’ve had a great experience on support and pricing. They are quick responding to issues, active in the Java community, and reactive where there is a bug.” – CTO

  • Rest assured that your applications are secure and compliant.

    Other than Oracle, Azul is the only Java leader that provides both quarterly security-only Critical Patch Updates for rapid deployment plus consolidated Patch Set Updates that combine bugfixes, new features, and security patches. We consistently deliver security updates to customers within one hour after release while others take days, sometimes weeks.

  • Assure high performance in any environment – on-prem, cloud, IoT.

    Zulu Enterprise is a 100% open source Java development and runtime platform designed, in true Java fashion, to run anywhere. “The most tangible benefit of using Azul, in my opinion, is that I can use it with certainty absolutely everywhere. Versus other JDKs, Azul is usable with the same quality of performance across my cloud vendors and for my on-premise solutions in Windows, Linux, or whatever else.” – CTO & CIO

  • You’re in good hands with the Java experts.

    Azul has the 2nd largest Java engineering team after Oracle. We’re on the JCP Executive Committee driving Java’s future; a member of OpenJDK Vulnerability Group ensuring coordinated release of security updates; and a member of Java Experts Group deciding features for each release.

“We are very satisfied with Azul support reaction times and professional services. Zulu was a drop-in replacement and migration has taken less than three months. Had we known how seamlessly and smooth the process would be, we would have switched from Oracle Java to Azul Zulu much earlier on.”
Michael Thalhammer, Head of Software Development
Commend International GmbH

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