Azul Intelligence Cloud The Powerful Analytics Solution That Boosts DevOps Efficiency with Insights from Production Java Runtime Data from Any JVM  

Improve point-of-sale security, fraud detection & PCI-DSS compliance with Azul.


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Secure payment processing 1000s of times per second.

Millions of merchants depend on risk decisions made by their card and payment processor to protect them from fraud and misuse, implement and reconcile transactions with absolute security, and update financial and transaction records immediately and correctly.


Faster transaction processing

Conduct thousands of payment transactions and fraud checks per second securely, glitch-free, and efficiently online, in-memory, and on-device with Azul Platform Prime.


Stay secure and compliant

Ensure critical security patches are deployed immediately to protect your organization, customers and payment processing security, and comply with industry payment regulations such as PCI-DSS and PSD2.


Embed Java in payment and point-of-sale devices

Deploy the Azul platform in devices to use Java to facilitate payment transactions, secure payment gateways, enable customer analytics and improve merchant and customer experiences.

“Mastercard needs to identify fraud real-time and decline a transaction before any exposure takes place. Oh, and by the way, this work is measured in milliseconds and occurs tens of thousands of times per second.”
Ted Boehm, Senior Technical Consultant
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Thousands of payment transactions per second.

Azul + GridGain offer an ideal in-memory platform for transaction-intensive applications like payment processing, delivering 10x lower latency compared to general-purpose JVMs.

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How fast is fast?

This white paper explores what speed in application processing is all about, and how Azul outpaces the competition by uniquely addressing the performance of bytecode interpretation and adaptive compilation.

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Java security patches for PCI and PSD compliance.

Maintaining payment security is essential for every business that processes credit card transactions or holds credit card data. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) are global standards, requiring every organization to ensure compliance in order to protect customer data. Learn how Azul ensures Java security through immediate critical security patch deployment.

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Azul powers the modern cloud enterprise.

From payment processing to digital marketing to predictive analytics, Azul drives the Java performance today’s businesses need to improve their operations while reducing their infrastructure costs.