The most cost-effective, well-supported
Java for manufacturing operations.
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Power the Java
(1) embedded in products &
(2) driving your ops.

Switch to Azul to end high Java licensing costs, restrictive terms of use, and proprietary vendor lock-in. 

  • Embed on devices

    Azul Platform Core provides the industry’s best support for far less cost across more platforms.

  • Secure gateways

    Azul provides the most secure OpenJDK distribution, ideal for secure communication through gateways across and beyond sites for asset monitoring, quality assessment, predictive maintenance, and other operations.

  • Reduce capex and opex in data operations

    Manufacturers that deploy Azul Platform Prime for their big data analytics—for development, marketing, monitoring, and predictive analytics—gain dramatically greater infrastructure leverage, productivity, and scalability.

Azul has been a key part of our solution stack for eight years. In all that time we have not experienced a single issue related to our Java infrastructure.

Why Azul for embedding?

“By adopting Azul Platform Core and teaming with Azul, we can ensure that our customers always have access to secure, certified, and tested builds of Java that have been fully integrated into our Ignition platform,” says Carl Gould, co-director of software engineering at Inductive Automation. 

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Explore Java for
IoT workflows.

Deliver consistent, secure muscle across all IoT-connected Java manufacturing workflows, on smart edge devices, on secure gateways, and for cloud intelligence.

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Stay secure with Azul Platform Core.

See why security-only releases make Azul Platform Core the most secure build on the market, ideal for key manufacturing infrastructures where security is essential.

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How much can YOU save?

Forrester recently conducted a Total Economic Impact™ study to learn how much customers typically reduce their infrastructure costs with Azul Platform Prime. The answer: as much as 50%, with payback in under 3 months and 224% ROI overall. 

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Azul powers
the modern cloud enterprise.

Azul Platform Core supports redistribution scenarios (e.g,. bundling with third-party software products) as well as hardware embedding and IoT use cases. Azul Platform Core contains “cleansed” (i.e., non-contaminating) versions of Azul Zulu Builds of OpenJDK which provide needed indemnification to protect your intellectual property.

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