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Azul’s product pricing is designed to be simple and flexible to best fit your business needs.

Zing Pricing

Zing® is priced on a subscription basis per server (physical or virtual) or Cloud instance. You don’t need to worry about core counts, memory size or processor class.

For quantities from 1-10, the annual subscription price for Zing with premium support is $3500 USD per server (physical or virtual). We offer significantly lower prices for higher volumes and longer-term subscriptions.

Note: For large installations, ask about enterprise licensing options for Zing.              

Your Azul representative will work with you to help build a business case for deploying a better JVM within your organization and use case. Get started by requesting a Zing quotation.

Please contact us to learn about the special pricing available for start-ups and companies with $25 million or less in annual revenue, and for ISVs and OEMs looking to embed/integrate/re-sell Zing with their products.

Are you an Open Source Developer?  Renewable 1-year Zing subscriptions are available through the Zing Open Source Program.


Zulu Enterprise Pricing

Zulu® Enterprise is priced on a subscription basis based upon the number of Supported Systems (desktops and/or virtual or physical servers) running Java applications. Here’s our pricing:

Max # of Supported Systems Price/Year (Standard Support) Price/Year (Premium Support)
25$13,200Not available


Your Azul Sales representative will provide pricing that matches your specific requirements and help you maximize the value of your Zulu® Enterprise Subscription.

Request a Zulu Enterprise quotation


Zulu Embedded Pricing

Zulu Embedded supports a wide range of operating systems and form factors that are specific to the needs of embedded, IoT, and software bundling use cases.

Designers and product teams needing to integrate a Java runtime in their products now have a pure open source embedded alternative. By teaming with Azul, your engineering and development teams can rest assured that you have a proven partner committed to long-term secure, embedded open source Java.

Zulu Embedded builds of OpenJDK support 32- and 64-bit processor architectures that include x86, Arm, PowerPC, and MIPS. Additional capabilities can be specified for hard or soft floating point, various compact form factors, and long-term support for specific Java major releases (e.g. automotive lifecycles). 

Zulu Embedded pricing is designed to accommodate very high product volumes, multi-year manufacturing ramps, and aggressive embedded cost targets.

Zulu Embedded pricing is flexible and cost-effective and can be structured based on per-device, per-user, a flat rate or other customer-specific plans. We work with you and your product teams to provide pricing that matches the needs of your products, and our world-class support will be with you throughout the entirety of your product lifecycle.

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Do you have additional questions, or would you like to connect directly with Azul? You can start by contacting us and we will work with you and your team to identify the best Java solution for you.

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