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Plans & Pricing

Flexible pricing options to accommodate your requirements for performance, security, and value.

Azul Platform Azul Zulu Builds of OpenJDK

A great, free place to start


  • 100% open source
  • Free quarterly updates
  • Java 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, 15, 17, 18, 19
  • Windows, Linux, macOS, & Solaris
  • 32- & 64-bit x86, Arm & PPC
  • Drop-in replacement for Oracle Java SE



to download and use

Azul Platform Azul Platform Core

Dedicated 24/7 support and timely access to updates

Everything in Zulu Builds of OpenJDK, plus:

  • Support for Eclipse Temurin builds
  • Access to stabilized builds (security-only)
  • Out-of-cycle critical fixes
  • SLA for quarterly updates (guaranteed access)
  • Patent and non-contamination indemnification
  • Features enhancements (e.g. FIPS 140-2, MIPS support, Monotype fonts)
  • Tiered support services (Standard, Premium)


*Prices are for Premium support level
**Conditions apply
***25% surcharge for Java 6 & 7
vCores (tiers) Price (per year)
250 $6,000
500 $12,000
1,000 $22,000
2,500 $53,000
5,000 $100,000
10,000 $192,000
20,000 $369,000
Unlimited $483,000**
*Prices are for Premium support level
**Conditions apply
***25% surcharge for Java 6 & 7
(up to)
(per year/desktop)
500 $14,000
1,000 $25,000
2,000 $42,000
3,000 $60,000
4,000 $78,000
5,000 $96,000
10,000 $172,000
15,000 $239,000
20,000 $296,000
25,000 $349,000
30,000 $394,000
35,000 $434,000
Unlimited $483,000**

Azul Platform Azul Platform Prime

Boosted performance, throughput & infrastructure savings

Everything in Azul Platform Core**, plus:

  • Optimized OpenJDK build with higher throughput and carrying capacity
  • C4 pauseless garbage collector for nearly any size heap (1GB to 8TB)
  • Hyper-optimized Falcon JIT compiler (LLVM)
  • ReadyNow warmup accelerator
  • System tools to optimize performance on older Linux versions
  • Cloud Native Compiler to offload JIT compilation


Starts at


(per year)

As low as


(per year)

*Prices are for Premium support level; minimum purchase applies
**Conditions apply for Unlimited pricing

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