Azul Intelligence Cloud The Powerful Analytics Solution That Boosts DevOps Efficiency with Insights from Production Java Runtime Data from Any JVM  

Azul delivers better Java performance and reduces infrastructure costs for big data technologies.


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Faster, pauseless Java. Lower infrastucture costs for your data engineering.

Azul customers can cut their infrastructure overhead in half while at the same time improving the security and performance of databases, data lakes, data analytics tools, and data science platforms.


Smaller infrastructure

Shrink your infrastructure while increasing the carrying capacity of Cassandra, Kafka, and Spark-based apps.


Consistent performance

Ensure pauseless processing of even the most massive in-memory datasets and Hadoop, Kafka and search clusters.



Fast results, delivered securely

Driver faster analysis of ever-larger data sets to deliver results to users faster, without compromising security or data protection.

“The Azul Platform performance is so superior that we’re now doing things with our big data system that cannot be done without Azul.”

Ariel Pisetzky, VP of IT
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See in-memory compute platform applications and benchmarks with GridGain.

How to handle big data in Java: Learn how Azul drives low-latency big data use cases at scale with in-memory Apache Ignite and GridGain.

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Improve Apache Cassandra performance with Azul Platform Prime.

Check out how Azul Platform Prime outperforms Oracle HotSpot when running Apache Cassandra.

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Azul Platform Prime reduces infrastructure overhead 20% when using Apache Kafka.

Discover how greater throughout through faster-performing code, thanks to Azul, means less hardware required.

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Azul powers the modern cloud enterprise.

Azul delivers the turbocharged performance you need to handle the scale of Java-based big data while actually reducing your infrastructure requirements.