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Deliver great customer experiences
while slashing both Java TCO and infrastructure costs.
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Reduce costs, even at times of unprecedented demand.

Deliver consistent response times with Azul, even during extreme loads and volatility. Increase customer loyalty and engagement with Azul by adding personalized features without performance penalties. 

  • Highly responsive & secure

    Azul helps you deliver consistently great customer experiences, with highly-responsive, secure omnichannel browsing and booking.

  • Data is king

    More information and bigger data is key to success, if your data platform can handle it. Enter Azul.

  • Increase transactions

    Convert more users with 30%+ improved site speeds, reduced pauses, and more compelling functionality.

  • Personalized marketing

    Taboola serves 30B recommendations daily to customers with Azul Platform.

  • Improved online servicing

    Bazaarvoice allows brands to collect and display user-generated content, powered by Azul Platform Prime.

Priceline has successfully used Azul Platform Prime
for years in our large-scale Java applications
where a traditional JVM could not keep up.

Greatest chess site ever. aims to be the greatest chess site ever. Many would say they’re already there. Azul is proud to help. “Azul Platform Prime has clearly reduced our application response time and has eliminated painful garbage collection pauses, with no changes to our application or hardware infrastructure,” says Erik Allebest, CEO of 

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How Azul improved Viking Line’s reservation portal.

Azul’s approach to application scalability is unmatched and we have seen a tremendous improvement in application response time consistency since Azul went live,says Jan Helin, Systems Manager for Viking Line. 

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How Taboola serves 30B recommendations daily.

Taboola has improved ad personalization and cut its server footprint in half, saving millions of dollars, with Azul Platform Prime.

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How Bazaarvoice delivers more online content.

“We have thousands of customers all over the world,” said Cody Bayer, DevOps Engineer, Bazaarvoice. “All of them make tens of billions of requests per month to us, which translates to tens of thousands of requests per second.

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Azul powers
the modern cloud enterprise.

Deliver the performance you need to optimize customer experiences
across every platform.

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