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Azul offers world-class technical support services to ensure your Azul products provide ongoing business value. Our highly trained and experienced customer engineers are available to assist you in the successful development and deployment—as well as ongoing support — of your solution. You’ll even benefit from the most up-to-date releases and security updates.

Azul’s Zing®, Zulu® Enterprise, and Zulu Embedded customers have access to the Azul Support Site, a dedicated customer-only website designed to help troubleshoot problems and provide product documentation. Customers can also obtain the latest FAQs and download existing products and upgrades. For all technical questions, please have your authorized contacts open a ticket so our customer support engineers can quickly assist you.


General support

Email: [email protected]
Toll Free: 1.800.258.4199

Support tickets

Access and manage your support tickets.
Use your email address to log in.


Software downloads and documents

On this page, you will find Software, Documents, and Tools for the Zing family of Azul Systems products. If you do not find a specific version you are looking for, please contact Customer Support.

Download Zing software and documents.

Download Zulu® at the Zulu Download Page or Zulu Embedded at the Zulu Embedded Download Page.

     Download Zulu for Alpine Linux with musl libc on the Zulu Community Download Page.

     Download ZuluFX: Zulu with OpenJFX.

     Review Zing and Zulu online Product Documentation, search the Zing Knowledgebase or review the Zing FAQ.

     View the Azul Product Support Lifecycle.


Community Forum for Zing or Zulu

Visit the Zing Community Forum for questions and feedback for Zing trials, Zing component notices, and troubleshooting tips.

Visit the Zulu Community Forum for questions and feedback on Zulu product downloads, release notices, and feature requests.

Azul FTP site

Access the Azul FTP site.
Use your Azul ftp username and password to connect to this website

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