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JDK 15 Release: 64 New Features and APIs

Sep 29, 2020| 14 MIN READ

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Forrester Azul Report

Forrester Study Reveals Total Economic Impact of Azul Zing

We commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study describing how innovative technology companies utilized Azul Zing to reduce hardware expenses, increase the performance and scalability of JVM applications, and reduce…

Category: Azul Zing

Kevin Farnham
Sep 22, 2020

Java Licensing

The Impact of Java Licensing Changes on Enterprises and Start-Ups

Java has a fairly long history, which is well-documented in Simon Ritter’s article A Quarter of a Century of Java. While Java’s history hasn’t the time span of languages like…

Category: Java

Kevin Farnham
Sep 16, 2020

Java Applications Security

How to Keep Your Java Applications Secure

A little over a year ago, in April 2019, the way most Java users accessed updates for the JDK changed.  The reason for this was a combination of changes made…

Category: Azul Zulu

Microservices Zing

Making Java Microservices Zing with Azul Zing

Advantages of Microservices Architecture  Software development is always changing and, today, we see a clear shift to the use of a microservices architecture.  There are a number of clear advantages…

Category: Azul Zing

legacy Java se 6 & 7

How to Choose the Right Java Partner for Less Cost, Better Support

As Java turned 25 in May 2020, it was going through changes which had nothing to do with the pandemic but everything to do with Oracle. Until 2019, Oracle allowed…

Category: Java

Java 25

A Quarter of a Century of Java

February 12th, 1996.  This is a significant date for me personally since it was the day I started work at Sun Microsystems as a Solaris Systems Engineer.  It was also…

Category: Java

Azul Duke

Java: Stable, Secure and Affordable

Java continues to vie for first place as the most popular platform for software development in the world.  The power of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) extends the platform’s appeal…

Category: Azul News

java support

foojay: A Place for Friends of OpenJDK

Java is a well-maintained development and deployment platform.  Through the OpenJDK project, regular updates to production releases follow a traditionally established schedule.  On a specific Tuesday in January, April, July…

Category: Java

Duke Seal

The Notoriety of Zulu on macOS

Keeping your computer safe from malicious software is no easy task.  There are different approaches to solving this problem, many of which take the antivirus approach of scanning a machine…

Category: Azul Zulu

Azul Headquarters

Covid-19 Status

Last update: June 11, 2020 To all Azul customers, partners, and friends, Please accept our best wishes during this difficult time. We will be posting regular updates to this page…

Category: Azul News

Scott Sellers
Mar 27, 2020

What's New In JDK14 Latest Release? 80 New Features & APIs

What’s New In JDK 14 Latest Release? 80 New Features & APIs

Well, another six months have passed, and we have another release of Java, this one pretty packed with exciting new features.  It is, therefore, time for another blog post trying…

Category: Azul News

Azul Headquarters

Message to Our Customers

To all Azul Systems customers, partners, and friends; Please accept our best wishes during this difficult time. Across the company we are monitoring developments closely regarding the impact of the…

Category: Azul News

Scott Sellers
Mar 17, 2020

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