Financial Services

All the world’s top 10 trading companies & 6 of the top 10
U.S. financial firms have switched to Azul.
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Azul ensures Java security and responsiveness across financial services.

For banking, capital markets, and insurance applications that require responsiveness, speed, security, and resilience, Azul delivers unbeatable JDKs and runtimes.

Automated Trading

Deploy microsecond Java trading software and better trading strategy development, back-testing, and analytics.

Risk Management

Add resilience and lower infrastructure costs in risk data warehouses, analytics, reporting, and decision-making.

Payment Processing

Conduct thousands of payment transactions per second.

Retail Banking

Secure and improve banking efficiency and productivity in Java platforms to maximize customer satisfaction and eliminate downtime.

Wealth Management

Deploy secure, performant client dashboards, data warehousing, portfolio analytics, and robo-advice platforms.

Fraud Detection

Deliver immediate Know Your Customer (KYC) and fraud detection decisions using Java-based pattern matching, natural language processing, machine learning, and big data queries.

Insurance & Reinsurance

Secure and lower costs for brokerage, risk-based pricing, reporting, data management and client management dashboards. Also deploy Java onto embedded telematics solutions.

FinTech Providers

Provide IP-protected ISV and device solutions to demanding financial services organizations.

Now, our engineering team is able to ignore performance maintenance and spend all their time building features.
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Azul has incredible momentum in financial services.

The world’s top banks (including investment banks, retail banks, commercial banks, and private banks), buy-side firms (hedge funds, asset managers, boutique traders), exchanges, payments companies, and brokerage software platforms are switching to Azul to improve performance and reduce costs. 

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How much can your institution save?

Forrester recently conducted a Total Economic Impact™ study to learn how much customers typically reduce their infrastructure costs with Azul Platform Prime. The answer: as much as 50%, with payback in under 3 months and 224% ROI overall.

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High stakes of
High-Frequency Trading.

Learn from an industry veteran how to get the required performance to survive in the world of High-Frequency Trading, where automated applications process hundreds of millions of market signals every day and send thousands of orders to various exchanges around the globe where reaction times must consistently remain in microseconds…

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Secure, faster payment processing.

Learn how to bolster security of point-of-sale devices, detect fraud at high speed, and assure compliance with PCI-DSS standards with Azul.

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Java 6 and 7 for financial services.

Financial Services firms frequently run Java 6 and 7-based “category zero” applications. Since Oracle last patched Java 6, Azul has backported 40+ vulnerabilities to Java 6.

Switch to Azul and meet cybersecurity, operational resilience, operational risk, and regulatory requirements and avoid costs and disruption of moving off Java 6 and 7.

Java 6 & 7

Further resources.

Go for a deeper dive yet into Azul’s role in financial services with this mix of webinars, articles, white papers, technology briefs, press releases, and data sheets. 

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Azul powers
the modern cloud enterprise.

Companies that switch to Azul dramatically reduce their Java infrastructure and support costs, improve key application performance, and enable development teams to focus on innovation rather than troubleshooting.

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