Azul Intelligence Cloud The Powerful Analytics Solution That Boosts DevOps Efficiency with Insights from Production Java Runtime Data from Any JVM  

Retail and E-Commerce

Azul improves customer experiences by improving the performance of your Java-based systems.


Ensure consistent response times

Eliminate the risk of Java-caused application stalls, user timeouts, and crashes to ensure a consistent experience across channels.


Increase transactions

Convert more users based on personalization and site speed.


Leverage more real-time data

For better decision-making, more advanced features, and engaging personalization.

Warehouse Shelves

“As the leading food delivery platform in China, experiences peak load periods during lunch and dinner every day. With Azul, we reduced hardware use by 50% and decreased the number of Java instances by 75%.”

Xuefeng Zhang, CTO,

Azul powers the modern cloud enterprise.

Azul delivers the turbocharged performance you need to handle the scale of Java-based big data while actually reducing your infrastructure requirements.