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Java Technology Stack

Reduce infrastructure overhead and improve performance when using these technologies.

Cassandra Logo


Improve carrying capacity, eliminate memory bottlenecks, and reduce your infrastructure footprint by as much as 50%.

Kafka Logo


Reduce your infrastructure at least 20% while running Kafka 30% faster, with increased throughput and consistent, jitter-free performance.

Solr Logo


Increase throughput on over 40% less infrastructure, and reduce median pause times.

Elasticsearch Logo


Cut response times for Elasticsearch for the 75th to 99th percentiles by more than 75% without changing a single line of application code.

Apache HBase Logo

Hadoop & HBase

Expand NameNodes to handle more HDFS metadata, deliver larger HDFS clusters, and reduce infrastructure costs and operational complexity.

Apache Spark Logo


Improve Spark response times by 24% to 100%+ for most Spark queries, and deliver greater consistency.

Apache Ignite Logo


Eliminate Ignite in-memory pauses, and process thousands of transactions per second in low milliseconds while scaling to petabytes of data.

Hazelcast Logo


Deliver tighter response-time SLAs in Hazelcast, including in small heaps where Hazelcast stores 500MB to 1.5GB data sizes.

Apache Tomkat Logo


Improve web server responsiveness and reduce pauses on less infrastructure.

JBoss Logo


Eliminate application jitter, response time inconsistency and in-memory data limitations, including JBoss Data Grid, EAP and middleware applications.

Apache Zookeeper Logo

Apache ZooKeeper

Improve consistency and reliability in memory-sensitive ZooKeeper-managed infrastructures, including Kafka event-streaming infrastructures.

Azul powers the modern cloud enterprise.

Azul delivers the turbocharged performance you need to handle the scale of Java-based big data while actually reducing your infrastructure requirements.