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Detect fraud attempts at extremely high speeds.
Manage personal data & identity with Java apps and APIs securely.
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Minimize cybersecurity risks with faster fraud detection and secure identity management.

For identity management and authentication, the best approaches leverage open standards in languages that are secure, stable and scale, like Java. “Real-time” fraud detection, where transactions are declined before any exposure takes place, must be done accurately thousands of times per second.

  • Standards-based, easy-to-implement Java security solutions

    Trust Azul to implement and back-port key security standards, like TLS 1.3, ChaCha20-Poly1305, RSA-PSS support, and HSM fixes, and eliminate Java security threats.

  • Real-time fraud detection

    Real time on computer, not human, terms. Credit cards can process thousands of transactions per second.

  • The best Java security framework

    Only Azul (and Oracle) provide security-only releases immediately for rapid deployment, protecting your Java applications.

Real-time processing of transactions at Mastercard is not a nice to have, it is a must. And with credit card fraud running rampant, we have to be smarter and faster than the fraudster to protect our cardholders.
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Fraud detection is evolving.

Azul and Feedzai are working together to provide customers with intelligent fraud prevention 100 times faster than the blink of an eye. While it takes 300 milliseconds for a human eye to blink, Feedzai can evaluate thousands of data points and score a transaction in just 3 milliseconds.

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More security, more Java versions.

Azul ensures your Java security, to optimize and accelerate your cybersecurity and fraud detection applications. Read Azul Deputy CTO Simon Ritter’s blog about the Importance of Java Security Updates

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Improve DevOpsSec Processes in production with Azul Platform Core.

A live demo delivered by Azul customer Curity shows how Azul Mission Control and Java Flight Recorder, included within Platform Core, are used in combination with Curity’s product the Curity Identity Server, which implements the OAuth and OpenID Connect standards, to provide secure login and API access.

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Access more fraud, identity & security resources.

Still want more? Here are some additional resources on Java security, fraud detection, cybersecurity, and identity management for you.

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Minimize cybersecurity risks in Java applications that manage personal data and identity, secure online and physical transactions, and detect fraud.

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