Improve search while cutting costs across your stack.
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Beat SLAs while dramatically reducing costs. Impossible? Not with Azul.

The Azul Platform optimizes Apache Solr to drive SLA-beating, infrastructure costs-saving, Java-based search experiences for websites, e-Commerce platforms, records (e.g., healthcare), content management systems, and more. Solr rarely operates standalone, often alongside Spark, Kafka, and Cassandra. Deploy Azul across all your big data technologies and applications.

Reduce infrastructure overhead.

Customers migrating Solr to the cloud report nearly 40% fewer cloud instances needed with Azul Platform Prime, and significantly improved memory utilization on existing resources.

Increase throughput.

Increase data densities by 20%, in some cases significantly greater.

Improve response times.

Improve response times 20% or more compared to HotSpot.

Without Azul Prime we would not have been able to deploy Apache Solr for our production system. Our customers could have experienced long pauses when searching for critical documents
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Supercharge Solr.

Learn how the Azul Platform supercharges your Solr search capabilities and lowers your costs, on prem and in the cloud.

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Improve performance and reduce costs.

Drive better Java performance with less infrastructure and less troubleshooting time, by far, than you’re currently investing.

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Using Elasticsearch?

Performance improvements, reduced stop-the-world pauses, and significant cost savings are there to be had using Platform Prime with Elasticsearch.

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Searching out Performance for Apache Solr?

Recently, here at Azul we decided to compare the performance of Solr running on Azul Platform Prime using C4 to Oracle’s Hotspot JVM using G1 for garbage collection. To do this, we worked with one of our customers who runs Solr on 200 production nodes…..

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Azul powers
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Azul was built out of a passion and belief that Java is key to unlocking business potential—now and in the future.
Today, we believe that more than ever.

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