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Embed Azul on hardware, and deploy Azul across all IoT-connected workflows.


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Risk-free open source to embed in your solutions.

Deliver consistent, secure muscle across all IoT-connected workflows, Java embedded on smart edge devices, on secure gateways, and for cloud intelligence.


Embed Java on devices

“Azul Platform Core provides an intriguing, pure open source solution for the IoT and Java embedded markets requiring a robust Java SE implementation,” says Brian Partridge, VP, 451 Research Mobility Team.


Truly secure Java gateways

Designed for distributed computing across the network with proven security and strong cryptographic support.


Broadest OS and processor support

Azul provides Java support for 32- & 64-bit hardware devices from Arm to PPC to MIPS.

“By adopting the Azul Platform and teaming with Azul, we can ensure that our customers always have access to secure, certified, and tested builds of Java that have been fully integrated into our Ignition platform.”

Carl Gould, Co-Director, Software Engineering, Inductive Automation

More expansive, flexible IoT with Java.

Why open source Java is the ideal solution to address the challenges inherent in the Internet of Things.

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Watch the Industrial IoT webinar.

Azul Engineer Michael Roeschter explores Java in Industrial IoT, from the edge to the data center, including the challenges faced in each architectural segment as well as tools, frameworks, and techniques for high-performance solutions.

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Learn how Eurotech is embedding Java in IoT.

Eurotech’s Java-based embedded devices now include Azul Platform Core builds of OpenJDK for systems based on x86 and Arm processors for a wide spectrum of IoT use cases.

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Azul powers the modern cloud enterprise.

Azul ensures secure and consistent performance across all environments—on-prem, cloud, embedded, IoT—and provides the broadest platform support in the industry with compatibility certifications for a broad range of platforms, deployment architectures, JDK versions, and hardware.