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Azul Platform Core

The world’s best supported builds of OpenJDK.

Formerly Zulu Enterprise / Embedded

70% less expensive
(typical savings vs. Oracle)

Azul Platform Core is designed for the enterprise, with the certified builds, tight security, and cost efficiencies you need to run today’s business–critical, Java-based services.


More Trust

Chosen by leading global brands, Azul Platform Core offers engineering support and 100% open-source builds that are Java SE compliant and TCK verified, with 100% success migrating off Oracle Java.


More Value

Azul Platform Core is a one-to-one replacement for Oracle Java SE with the most architectures, package types, and configurations options compared to other OpenJDK providers.


More Security

Azul Platform Core delivers quarterly Critical Patch Updates for rapid deployment into production, backed by an industry-leading support SLA.

Calculate your savings.

Use our calculator to get an estimate of your savings from switching from Oracle Java SE to Azul.
(Our customers typically save 70%.)

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“Switching from Oracle JRE to Azul was as easy as it can get. It’s basically a drop-in replacement.”

Alexander Mueller, CTO

“We found it very easy to do business with Azul. Azul’s business model and terms were very flexible, and they helped to simplify our operations by removing constraints.”

Michihiro Okada, General Manager of Software R&D Division

“Azul provides a well-supported, reliable and secure Java JDK and runtime that we use in many of SAS Institute’s products and solutions. The satisfaction of thousands of SAS customers demonstrates the quality of the Azul Platform.”

Sam Penfield, Product Manager

“Azul was a drop-in replacement and migration has taken less than three months. Had we known how seamlessly and smooth the process would be, we would have switched from Oracle Java to Azul Java much earlier on.”

Michael Thalhammer, Head of Software Development

“By adopting Azul Platform Core and teaming with Azul, we ensure that our customers always have access to secure, certified, and tested builds of Java.”

Carl Gould, Co-director of Software Engineering
Secure, stable, protected, up-to-date icon

Secure, stable, protected, up-to-date.

Azul is the only Java leader besides Oracle that delivers stabilized security builds, builds that enterprises traditionally prefer to use. Deploy updates with confidence, keeping your Java applications secure, stable and regression-free.

Azul also delivers full updates that combine bug fixes, new features, and security patches.

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Support for Java 6 and 7 Illustration

Support for Java 6 & 7

Extended Production Support for Java versions that are end of life by OpenJDK and Oracle including Java 6 & 7.*

* Only for those customers who have purchased extended Production Support for Java 6 & 7.  Additional builds that may be provided during the extended Production Support period are not TCK-tested. Contact Azul for further information.

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Verified TCK standards compliant icon

Verified TCK standards compliant.

Azul Platform Core is verified compliant with Java SE, so your new and existing applications can run without modifications.

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Compare Pricing

Flexible pricing options to accommodate your requirements for performance, security, and value.

Support Tiers

We offer two levels of enterprise technical support subscriptions to accommodate your business, and application requirements. All backed by our highly trained customer support engineers with extensive knowledge of the JVM, memory management, Java performance issues, and usage of production application visibility tools.

Quarterly Releases
Plus: Out-of-cycle bug fixes & early release access
Support hours and first response SLA
Business hours, next business day
24x7x365, one hour first response
Limited tickets & phone/email/web support
Unlimited tickets & phone/email/web support
SLA for Quarterly CPU
Max 15 days (target same day as Oracle)
Max 48 hours (target same day as Oracle)
Guard your IP icon

Guard your IP.

Azul indemnifies Azul Platform Core subscribers and protects their software from copyleft contamination.

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Optimize startup icon

Faster Startup and Warmup.

The Azul Zulu JVM distributed with Azul Platform Core leverages startup optimization technologies such as Coordinated Restore at Checkpoint (CRaC)* to provide instant start at optimal speed for Java applications. 

*CRaC is available for Java 17 and 21 on Linux

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The best Java runtimes for OEMs & ISVs icon

The best Java runtimes for OEMs & ISVs.

Azul Platform Core support plans offer redistribution-ready downloadable runtimes, access to all security updates, technical troubleshooting, and a wide set of packaging alternatives. Azul sales will work with you to determine the bundle requirements, support, and pricing model needed to match your requirements.

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Your Guide to Java Migration

See why “OpenJDK Migration for Dummies” may be your smartest move. Move to the OpenJDK distribution that’s right for you with help from a new Wiley Guide sponsored by Azul.

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Research & White Papers

Azul State of Java Survey and Report 2023

Research & White Papers

OpenJDK Migration for Dummies

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Webinars & Videos

How to ensure stability and security with every Java update

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Life After Oracle Java

The best Java support in the industry.
Bar none.

There’s a reason Azul has a 100% customer satisfaction rating:
our relentless focus on helping customers unleash the true power of Java.

Product releases that meet or exceed Oracle

Long Term Support (LTS) based on 8+2 year product lifecycle model.

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Expert problem resolution available 24/7

Includes stabilized security updates, root cause analysis, performance analysis and tuning. Experienced engineers on call worldwide 24x7x365. 

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Fast, straightforward Java migration

Our drop-in solution and advisory services make it easy to migrate
from the Oracle JDK.

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Core Components

Azul Mission Control

Analyze and profile your systems during development and production.

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Azul Commercial Compatibility Kit

The Azul Commercial Compatibility Kit (ZCCK) is designed to ensure compatibility of Azul Zulu Builds of OpenJDK (Azul’s 100% open source, certified builds of OpenJDK) and Oracle’s proprietary Java SE 6-8.

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Apply time zone definition updates to deployed JDKs.

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Migration Toolkit

Analyze and profile your systems during development and production.

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IcedTea-Web is an open source implementation of Java Web Start.

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jHiccup is an open source tool designed to measure the pauses and stalls (or “hiccups”) associated with an application’s underlying Java runtime platform.

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jRT Socket Response Tool

Accurately track end-user response time in live apps.

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Azul Inspector

Get insight into the system and app settings that affect performance.

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Ready? So are we.

Our Java experts are ready to answer your questions and show you how much you could save by switching to Azul.

*Based on Oracle Java SE subscription pricing for server deployments