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Azul Commercial Compatibility Kit

The Azul Commercial Compatibility Kit (CCK) is designed to ensure compatibility of Azul Zulu Builds of OpenJDK (Azul’s 100% open source, certified builds of OpenJDK) and Oracle’s proprietary Java SE 6-8. This Kit contains additional functionality that is not included in the OpenJDK project source, but which will help ensure compatibility in applications that take advantage of specific additional features that Oracle bundles into its commercial Java products.

The Azul Commercial Compatibility Kit is free to download and use and can be added easily to Zulu builds as part of your normal software update process. Please review the CCK Terms of Use. By downloading the CCK you are agreeing to these terms of use and acknowledging that you will comply with these Terms of Use when applying the CCK to your Azul Zulu deployments. All versions of the Azul Commercial Compatibility Kit includes the Lucida font family from Monotype™.

To make use of the CCK for OpenJDK versions 6-8, first, download Zulu and deploy it on target OS environments as you normally would. Next, fill out the form on this page to receive access to CCK downloads for your chosen platform. You will want to ensure your selected download matches both your operating system and installer (this is very important). You may use the CCK for any free Azul Zulu Builds of OpenJDK or subscription-based Azul deployments. An online version of the Azul Platform Core documentation is available here (for all platforms) with Azul Commercial Compatibility Kit as a topic.

Important note:

After Java SE 8, Oracle changed how the JDK supports fonts, leaving font management up to the target operating system instead of the JDK. 

Note that Lucida fonts are licensed by Azul from Monotype for internal use only. If your product plans require that these fonts be made available to your end customers, please contact your Azul representative immediately.