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Optimize low-latency trading and high-performance risk management systems.


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Improve Java performance while reducing Java costs.

Azul drives secure, high-performance Java for mission-critical trading, risk, fraud detection, payments, online banking, robo-advisors, fintech and insurance delivering infrastructure savings of 50% AND reducing Java maintenance costs by 70%.


Maximize performance

Less than 1% of developer effort goes to performance tuning at BIDS Trading, “Yet, we’re a thousand times faster than your typical payment transaction or website,” says CTO Brett Vasconcellos, thanks to Azul Platform Prime.


Reduce your Java costs

A growing number of leading investment banks, hedge funds, exchanges, payments companies, insurers, multilateral trading facilities, and cryptocurrency providers have switched to Azul for the industry’s best support and prices.


Fastest, most predictable response times

Azul Platform Prime is the most powerful runtime platform for latency-sensitive, throughput-critical systems, ensuring fast transactions from start-up to shutdown.

“In the world of High-Frequency Trading, automated applications process hundreds of millions of market signals every day and send back thousands of orders on various exchanges around the globe. To remain competitive, the reaction time must consistently remain in microseconds, especially during unusual peaks such as a ‘black swan’ event.”
Jad Sarmo, Head of Technology, Dsquare Trading Ltd.

How BIDS Trading perfected Java-based block trading.

For trading venues, systems performance equals revenue, yet less than 5% of the development spend of BIDS Trading goes to performance, thanks to Azul. Even while cutting server costs by 5x and reducing system management overhead, BIDS improved performance by every measure. How does this compute?

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Why 10 of the world’s top 10 trading companies use Azul.

“Azul’s superior product performance, cost, and support keeps winning the hearts and minds of CIOs in financial services industries,” explains Scott Sellers, Azul co-founder, president and CEO.

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Maximize performance, minimize cost for Java trading applications.

Learn how customers use Azul Platform Prime to reduce operating costs as much as 50%, achieve payback in under 3 months and 224% ROI over 3 years.

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The power of Java in capital markets.

Learn how Azul Platform Prime unleashes the power of Java-based predictive analytics, streaming analytics, and fast data in capital markets, including low latency high-frequency trading, with certainty of execution, guaranteed throughput, and predictable performance.

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Azul powers the modern cloud enterprise.

Optimize low-latency trading and high-performance risk management systems while achieving the fastest, most predictable response times and lowest infrastructure costs.