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Improve your customers’ experiences while also substantially reducing infrastructure costs.


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Deliver better customer experiences.

Solve performance problems with Azul Platform Prime to provide great customer experiences across all selling channels.


Ensure consistent response times

Eliminate Java-caused application stalls, user timeouts, and crashes to deliver consistent experiences across channels.


Increase transactions

Convert more users based on better personalization and e-Commerce site speed and handle increased transaction loads with ease.


Improve e-Commerce scalability

Support advanced big data analytics systems—without coding changes, using existing hardware and software—for better decision-making, more advanced features, and engaging personalization.

“Azul Platform Prime allows us to free up a lot of monetary resources to invest in other aspects of the company as well as other new upcoming products.”

Cody Bayer, DevOps Engineer, Bazaarvoice

Hear it direct from a customer.

Learn how Azul helps Taboola’s discovery & advertising platform serve 30B recommendations daily with unprecedented performance, stability, and security, and a server footprint reduced by up to 50%.

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How does Saks do it?

Learn how Azul customer Saks Fifth Avenue has improved e-Commerce site speeds, and built its business and reputation on Azul Platform Prime with “tremendous improvements in performance and response time consistency.”

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Recommendation engines = big data infrastructures.

Cassandra, Kafka, Spark, and other Java- and JVM-based big data technologies deliver recommendation engines, online ordering processes, event stream hierarchies, and so much more. With Azul Platform Prime, you can reduce infrastructures 30%+.

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Azul powers the modern cloud enterprise.

Provide your customers with secure, glitch-free e-Commerce experiences that keep them loyal and happy, while also reducing your costs.