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Azul Platform Prime

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Blazing-fast performance that delivers incredible value.
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A truly superior Java platform that can cut your infrastructure costs in half.

Azul Platform Prime turbocharges the performance and scalability of your Java ecosystem with a hyper-optimized runtime that maximizes performance while dramatically driving down infrastructure costs.

  • More performance

    Get more transactions from the same hardware and accelerate Java performance, even as loads increase.

  • More savings

    Slash capital expenses for servers by as much as 50%, cut operating expenses for cloud services (with no over-provisioning), and drive continuous value.

  • More happy users

    Maintain consistent response times, reduce system stalls, and provide better services—all with less infrastructure.

Azul Platform Prime

Unmatched performance that enables the most demanding enterprise applications.

From big data to payment processing, the demand of today’s advanced applications creates untenable infrastructure costs for the enterprise. Azul Platform Prime transforms the economics of deploying these applications in the cloud, driving down costs and enabling competitive advantage.

Big Data

Reduce infrastructure overhead by as much as 50%, bolster security, and improve performance of databases, data lakes, data analytics tools, and search platforms.

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Provide your customers with secure, glitch-free e-Commerce experiences that keep them loyal and happy, while also reducing your costs.

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Cloud Applications

Migrate Java applications to the cloud, develop cloud-native Java microservices deployments, and reduce cloud infrastructure costs.

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Fraud & Identity

Minimize cybersecurity risks in Java applications that manage personal data and identity, secure online and physical transactions, and detect fraud.

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IoT & Embedded

Deploy Azul on hardware, and deliver consistent, secure muscle across all IoT-connected workflows, on smart edge devices, on secure gateways, and for cloud intelligence.

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Bolster the security of point-of-sale devices, detect fraudulent transactions at speed, and assure compliance with PCI-DSS standards.

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SaaS Applications

Deliver superior experiences for millions of customers using your SaaS applications while also reducing your infrastructure expenses up to 50%.

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Trading & Risk

Optimize low-latency trading and high-performance risk management systems while offering the fastest, most predictable response times and lowest infrastructure costs.

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Forrester: “Azul Platform Prime achieves 224% ROI.”

Learn how four innovative customers used Azul Platform Prime to reduce total server count, simplify operations, and improve developer productivity—all while driving down operating costs as much as 50%.

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#1 Java runtime: Zulu Prime Builds of OpenJDK

Azul Zulu Prime Builds of OpenJDK are 100% Java TCK compliant. A “drop-in replacement,” customers attest, that works best when you engage Azul’s engineering expertise (contact Azul today!). You don’t need to recompile your code. 

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Faster startup.

Azul Platform Prime’s built-in ReadyNow! technology, a key feature of Azul Zulu Prime Builds of OpenJDK, accelerates Java warm-up times and gets you going faster.

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Faster code.

The most scalable JVM on the market, Azul Platform Prime delivers improved real-time JVM optimization with a better LLVM-based JIT compiler.

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Faster JVM performance.

With Azul Platform Prime’s C4 Collector, you can run two to five times more transactions through your infrastructure—without pauses, jitters, or timeouts.

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Right-size your resources.

Offload JIT compilation with the Cloud Native Compiler to dedicated service resources, providing more processing power to JIT compilation while freeing your client JVMs from the burden of doing JIT compilation locally​.

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Azul Platform Prime


Identify whether application pauses are caused by the Java VM or the operating system

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jRT Socket Response Tool

Accurately track end-user response time in live apps.

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Azul Inspector

Get insight into the system and app settings that affect performance.

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JFR/Zulu Mission Control

Analyze and profile your systems during development and production.

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GC Analyzer

Dig into GC logs to quickly identify memory leaks and other GC-related problems.

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Apply time zone definition updates to deployed JDKs.

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Zulu Prime System Tools

Optimize interaction of Java and your Linux kernel.

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Latency Tools

Powerful latency stats tracking package.

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Migration Toolkit

Azul Zulu Prime Builds of OpenJDK, like Azul Zulu Builds of OpenJDK and Eclipse Temurin, are a straightforward “drop-in” replacement for proprietary Oracle Java SE.

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