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Behind the Java warm-up problem

Java-based systems deliver great performance when running compiled and optimized code. However, the JVM needs time to “warm up”, or optimize frequently-used code, so the application can run at top speed from the start.

Solving the Java warm-up issue 


Designed for Java-based applications that must meet specific service levels


Helps developers manage Java’s runtime de-optimization


Reduces CPU resource consumption


Allows accumulated compiler optimization profiles to be saved and re-used


Provides developers with more control over Java compilation


Reduces operational warm-up risks caused by the need for synthetic tests or “fake” data


Ensures consistent, peak performance during critical times like market open


Allows Java to start up fast and stay fast

ReadyNow with ReadyNow Orchestrator

Slash Warmup Times, Simplify Operations, and Optimize Cloud Costs

ReadyNow Orchestrator makes ReadyNow more operationally efficient. Ensures consistent responsiveness and performance even as instances are brough up and down, and during critical times like a retail rush, start of the gaming day or market open.

ReadyNow with ReadyNow Orchestrator Benefits


For modern applications running in container, elastic, auto-scaling cloud environments with contemporary DevOps practices


Lower operational burden for Java workloads in cloud-native environments


More elasticity with intelligent Java fleet warm-up to lower cloud bills

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ReadyNow is ideal for market-facing systems challenged by warm-up issues. Contact Azul to learn how ReadyNow can accelerate your operations at market open and deliver predictable, low-latency performance when you need it most.